Swiftsure 2019

Tidal Currents
May 25-27, 2019

Dr. Richard Dewey
University of Victoria

These tidal current summaries for the Swiftsure Yacht Race, May 25-27, 2019 have been prepared for the Royal Victoria Yacht Club. Below are a series of 2019 tide tables and current maps covering the period of the race intended for the general information of the skippers and crew sailing in the 2019 RVYC Swiftsure Yacht Race.

Official Canadian Hydrographic Service: Tide Tables. Times in the tide tables are reported in Pacific Standard Time (PST), not Pacific Daylight Time (PDT).

Tidal current charts covering hourly intervals from 08:00 May 27, 2019 through to, at most, 18:00 May 28, 2019, based on the Vancouver Island regional tidal model of Mike Foreman (Foreman et al., 2004). Each PDF file below contains multiple current chart pages. These files cover different geographic regions for the various races, and have slightly different time ranges. They can easily be downloaded/saved, or emailed to your smart phone or tablet for display during the race. The graphs must not be used for navigational purposes. In the case of any discrepancy, the CHS tide tables above will take precedence.

Time series inserts in the upper left corners of the charts are for the associated CHS tidal current stations; Race Passage, Juan de Fuca East, and Juan de Fuca West, respectively. Current vectors immediately at the shoreline may be inaccurate due to model boundary conditions. For reference, a current speed of 50 cm/s is roughly one knot, 150 cm/s (scale vector) is roughly 3 knots. These tidal current charts are not to be used for navigational purposes.

Time series plots (below) of the tidal heights and currents at selected sites, as will be presented at the Skipper's Meeting, Friday May 25, 2019. Tidal Heights (PDF file) are for Port Renfrew and Victoria, in metres. Tidal Currents (PDF file) are in m/s for Race Passage, Juan de Fuca East (E) and Juan de Fuca West (W). Flood currents flow towards the east (into the Salish Sea), ebb currents towards the west (out of the Salish Sea). Times are in Pacific Daylight Time (PDT).

Any questions about the current charts should be address to Richard Dewey
Mike Foreman will present a brief summary on these tidal currents at the skippers meeting
Friday Afternoon, May 24, 2019.
The presentation is available here (PDF) and here (PPT).

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