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Listen to that ADCP "TICK" (Juan de Fuca 1996)
It's a bird? It's a plane? No,... it's a bird.

Up winch and out A-frame.
See how he uses the spanner!

The ADCP's in the water, cus that would be the ocean, eh?

It's baaaaack. But is there data stored inside?
Look at the rough weather we had in Juan de Fuca (1996)!
Still, students throw-up.

The human microstructure line-puller. Another rough day in Juan de Fuca (1996).

The latest FLY X (July 1998), lasted only a few hundred profiles before we put it into Vector's PROPELLER!

Our 1999 RDI ADCP, with a vertical beam. (Just don't mention the O-Ring!)

Here we see the crowded CCGS Vector deck prior to seven mooring deployments.
Isn't that "Mooring Repair Man" I can see! He's my hero.

Anchor last, means float first. "Watch the S4 at the block!"

Ooooops. "I thought you said there weren't any SUBMARINES around here!"

Towed Ocean Microstructure Instrument (TOMI) just after deployment. Vector June 1999

CJRG, Fellow of the Royal Society

Hey, isn't that Chris Garrett working on string theory?